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Friday night, we left the sleepy small children in the care of girl teen and went to see Fright Night. Anyone who saw the original Fright Night knows that it was not a sleep with the lights on afterwards or a nausea inducing festival of escalating grossness that defines most horror flicks. The original Fright Night was more of a comedy than a fright. The remake is extremely loyal to its predecessor with a cameo appearance from an original cast member just for the geezers in the audience. Go see Fright Night.

I was too busy braiding and making knots with my Twizzlers to jot down all the movie previews before Fright Night. There was something with Daniel Radcliffe in a haunted house that doesn’t look very challenging for his acting talents. Harold and Kumar made a Christmas movie that should go directly to Netflix for late night, tv in bed viewing. I’ve been anticipating the John Carter on Mars ever since it was just a rumor and even though it looks like Disney has added an extra layer of cheese that an adult studio wouldn’t have done, I’ll still be going to see it.

My only problem with Fright Night was the absence of any filler scenes that are really just bathroom intermissions. When we watched the last Harry Potter, everyone knew to race to the bathroom while Harry was in the empty train station. When I am at a guy movie, I know that if I leave at the beginning if a battle scene, they will finish fighting just as I return. I need an app that alerts when scenes that add nothing to the plot are beginning so that I can take a potty break.

I suppose I could just skip the giant bucket of beverage that I sip the entire movie.

3 thoughts on “Fright Night ramblings

  1. I saw the original (on VHS) in third grade and remember being mildly scared, but as it was a slumber party, the giggles helped.

    The app you want is RunPee. I seldom see movies in theaters anymore but for some reason I still follow them on Twitter.

  2. I also fondly remember the first FN. Haven’t seen the new one yet, though. And you need this website to plan your next movie bathroom break: Tells you when the best times to go are. 🙂

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