Whaddya think about OWS?

Every person I have met the past five days has asked me almost immediately what my opinion is about Occupy Wall Street. Based on the sheer amount of discussion it has inspired, Occupy Wall Street has already made a difference. It feels like the test question of the year. How you answer it determines if you are economically illiterate, a socialist hippie or some other umbrella category. I feel slightly restrained from being able to say exactly how I feel about this movement, where it is now and where I see it going. This is what I am willing to say.

Whenever something happens that causes people to take sides, you consciously pick a side or you remain silent and support the side that is loudest. It works the same with voting. If you don’t vote, you are supporting the candidate or issue with the most votes.

When Occupy Wall Street began, they were working all the social media angles while mainstream media went out of their way to ignore the movement. So, I amplified their social media noise until they finally got press. In doing so, I chose a side. I chose to agree with the people who want their voices to matter more than corporations (whose employees are primarily overseas). I do think politicians have become representatives of their corporate overlords. Those same corporate donors are orchestrating control of public education. I do not think the education reform movement is currently moving in the best interest of all children. I believe it is instead being used by the wealthy and powerful to destroy public education.

I support the original ideas and concepts of Occupy Wall Street. I sincerely hope that while they are digging in roots, they are also sprouting wings.

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