It fit yesterday

There has been some unauthorized growing by the children. Not one of them filled out the proper paperwork declaring their intent to have growth spurts. They completely disregarded the two weeks notice rule. Since the penalties for unauthorized growth are getting to wear shorts in the winter, the children don’t really take seriously my need to know that nothing in their closet fits more than five minutes before the school bus arrives in the morning.

Neither boy teen nor the 6-y-o are willing to go shopping for their new clothing. They are also disinterested in trying on the clothing that I buy and bring home. I am occasionally able to convince them to try on one thing for size, but usually they become oddly philosophical at my request. “Why? Why do I need to ‘try’ it? Can’t I just wear it? Does it matter?” Shopping for the boys is a guessing game with only one guess and the winner gets children in jeans that fit while the loser has sons happily running all over town looking like scarecrows.

Is there some crossover version of Wii Fit and Sims that could size children correctly for clothing while they are hopping around killing zombies, racing cars shooting things?

2 thoughts on “It fit yesterday

  1. The post makes me realize I shouldn’t so harshly have judged the mother of the middle-schooler I saw on the corner near my office last week in shorts on a 45-degree morning. It also makes me realize that having judged that mother means that I should be prepared for a visit from the karma fairy.

  2. You are not allowed to be hard on yourself. Give yourself more time to learn before you set unrealistic rules for yourself.

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