Reason #253 why I’m becoming a hermit

“Where is the apple cider?”
“Did you look on the juice aisle.”
“It is not on the juice aisle.”
“Just heat apple juice with red hots and it’ll taste the same.”
“That sounds good, but I want to put cider, ginger ale, red hots, cinnamon sticks and cloves in the percolator.”
“You’re doing it the hard way.”

I understand that it is environmentally disastrous to order everything online instead of shopping locally. That knowledge is rapidly being outweighed by my interactions with grocery employees. Today’s grocery employee demonstrated their knowledge of everything except where their products are shelved. Last week, the grocery employee gave me a senior discount. I will accept being labelled as any combination of middle-aged, overweight, hippie, activist, breeder and/or housewife. I am not yet willing to consider that I look like a senior citizen.

Knoxville is gaining three or four new groceries in the next year. The first one to offer the option of shopping online and picking up at the curb will be the winner of our seven person household grocery purchases.

One thought on “Reason #253 why I’m becoming a hermit

  1. its in the seasonal isle if ur going warm, dairy for cold, and sometimes upfront as a promo display… just tweet me next time instead of asking a store associate (if ur at kroger marketplace, like farragut, same layout as the one up here). ill get you to the correct 4 foot section and height from memory…
    they need more aspies to work for inventory

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