Minecraft <3

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve read moms on social media declare that they are banning their child from playing MineCraft because their child “likes it too much.”

Is your child still eating and sleeping? If the answer is yes, then they don’t like it TOO MUCH.

MineCraft isn’t the first thing to captivate children and confuse parents. Children have fallen head over heels in love with other games, cards, collectibles, dolls, books, clothing, tv shows, movies, music, celebrities and colors. Do you remember World of Warcraft, Pokemon, beanie babies, matchbox cars, Tamagotchie, Pound Puppies, My Little Pony, Barbie, Legos, Pogs, Atari, Lemon Twist, Silly Bands, Troll dolls, CB radio, Crazy Bones or arcades? Ask your parents about YOUR childhood obsessions. Even better, ask them about THEIRS.

Children are supposed to like things. It’s okay for children to become so infatuated with skating that they sleep in their skates. There’s nothing wrong with wearing their favorite shirt day after day. It’s a good thing when they must learn everything about their infatuation and create imaginary stories to fill in the gaps in their obsession’s mythology. Encourage them to read everything written by a favorite author. Listen to their detailed descriptions of the difference between this card and that card.

Liking something too much teaches children about time and money management. It teaches them about prioritizing things and people. It helps them learn who they are and what they really need. Liking too much teaches children about love.

Do you really want to teach your children that they shouldn’t like things too much?

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