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Once Upon a Time
I would really like it if the deplorably flat acting Greg and wickedly evil Tamara were used to reframe The Crusades and bring the Camelot legend into the overall story. I doubt if they will.

I really loved the first few seasons of Community. Clever and funny don’t begin to describe what Dan Harmon did with this show. This season, I’ve found myself constantly waiting and hoping for signs of what Community once was or what it could become. It didn’t. The only thing that they did right was making Chevy’s *unredeemable character vanish this season. I don’t know why they renewed Community without bringing back Harmon.

Bonus movie quickie: Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters this week. Squee!

* Deliberately vague wording that could refer to the show’s character or the actor’s character.

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  1. Once: They did bring in Lancelot (at least in flashback) right at the beginning of this past season, so Camelot does intersect in some way. With all the world-hopping that’s bound to happen next season, I wouldn’t mind seeing some other realms at least in a couple of one-offs. Oz. Narnia. Back to Wonderland for the spinoff. You name the magical realm 🙂

    Community: I was actually surprised that Chevy was in episodes all the way to the end – I was under the impression he had left the show early in the season never to return. That said, I still enjoyed the season just fine – I liked Jeff’s character development.

    And yes, Trek. Trekkkkkkk….

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