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I need to paint the front door, but it’s mosquito season and I don’t want the inside of the house to be the box in a bug spray commercial. I also don’t want Doug building another ‘clean room‘ before we’ve repaired the staple damage from the last one. Hmmm.

I need to find a place for a dozen PTSA people to meet on a weeknight in July. Restaurants are noisy, but food does make meetings more fun. I wish I could think of someplace interesting.

I want to find a functional, but aesthetically yuck old chandelier. I don’t want an electrical fire hazard, but I also don’t want to feel guilty about painting and re-doing the bead work. I should ask my friends who find treasures at yard sales and thrift stores to keep an eye out for old light fixtures.

I ordered something online and it never arrived. The vendor is willing to replace the missing order IF I provide a work address. My address isn’t the reason the package disappeared. I haven’t had any other packages disappear. Why do I have to have the package delivered to someone else and get it from them? Does the vendor think I live in an underground bunker or have gangs of print order thieves wandering my neighborhood? It disappeared at the Post Office. Shouldn’t they make it more difficult for the Post Office instead of me?

I wish I could get one of the cars being sold at the local University’s auction this week. I don’t care which one. I’ll even drive a campus security car. I just need out of the house. Especially if I’m going to have to drive somewhere to pick up online purchases.

2 thoughts on “random things on my mind

  1. I don’t understand vendors who do stuff like that. Why penalize the buyer when she isn’t the one who messed up?

    I ordered a nursing cover off Etsy a year and a half ago but USPS lost it. The woman refused to send me another OR refund my money because it “wasn’t her fault.” Six weeks later they finally got it back to her and she resent it to me but obviously by then I’d already purchased a different one.

    I hope being right was worth your vendor and MilkyBaby30 losing return customers.

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