fleeting moment of clarity

Lately, I have been feeling like Stretch Armstrong in a taffy pulling machine. It is frustrating, exhausting and demoralizing. After a day of obstacles and roadblocks, I sat still for an hour this evening. Sitting, in that environment that didn’t belong to me, I realized that I allow things beyond my control to control my feelings and actions.

I have to let it go.

I can’t make other people do anything. I can’t control random and coincidental roadblocks. I am wasting the precious asset of time when I scream into the wind. I CAN do great things with the help of other people who want to do great things. I can put all that wind screaming time and energy into the things that are working.

In five minutes, I will be neurotically anxious about something I can’t control. Right now, I am both calm and excited about the things that are going well and the things yet to occur.

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