Hacky Cat

Several months ago, Westley found a hacky sack and played it to death. He tossed it in the air, dribbled it across the floors, rubbed his face on it and purred loudly while he carried it around like a lovey. He also played fetch with it. He demanded hours and hours of fetch the hacky sack. It was a very sad day when he punctured the bag so much that all of the filling spilled and a sad little pouch of fabric was all that remained of the beloved hacky sack.

The filling turned out to be tiny bits of plastic that looked like an intestinal blockage waiting to happen. So, I bought two nice new hacky sacks and deliberately killed those balls. First, I stabbed a hole in them.

Next, I removed all the plastic beads.

This was followed by a brief game of chase with the cat who had been silently stalking my work and decided to rescue one of the balls that I was abusing.

The next step was to fill the empty pouch with a plastic grocery bag.

Finally, I stitched up the opening. I used undivided cross stitch thread and it looks like a mess, but the cat doesn’t mind it.

This is the only picture I have of Westley with one of his hacky sacks that isn’t a complete blur. He is a very happy cat.

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