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Thanks to a successful marketing campaign from their SEO company that had my two youngest asking DAILY if they could go, we went to see Big Hero 6. It’s a cute movie, but I would have preferred to wait and buy the Blu-ray. Feast, the short before Big Hero 6 is absolutely wonderful. Go see Feast. Before Big Hero 6 and Feast, there were trailers for upcoming movies.

Spare Parts – A robotics team version of the ‘teacher rescuing high school students’ trope. Wait until your local robotics team is hosting a screening as a fundraiser.

Paddington – Paddington looks like Stuart Little with better effects and no Dr. House. Wait until it gets to Netflix.

Minions – Toilet humor with a classic rock soundtrack. Buy the soundtrack. See the movie on Netflix.

Penguins of Madagascar – See above.

Inside Out – Gave me Nick Jr flashbacks. Netflix.

Tomorrowland – I am cautiously optimistic about this film, but I’ll decide when they release more than the tiny blips of film with George Clooney’s voiceover that we’ve been seeing for months.

Annie – Go see this at the theatre and sing no matter what you think your voice sounds like to others. Then, prepare yourself for all the viral videos of children singing and dancing to the soundtrack.

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