Autism Awareness Month – Day Two

He slept until 4:30, despite my requests from noon on that he get up and help me get the yard ready for Easter. Once awake, he grumbled and complained incessantly because his sister and I are in the process of cleaning the mountains of debris from his desk and floor before his room has ants or he is featured on an episode of Hoarders. We don’t attempt the cleaning when he is awake and at his desk, but he isn’t willing to get out of bed to keep us out of his room. He glowered across the table at me all during dinner. Now, he games at his computer. He will go to bed when I wake in the morning to avoid being asked to do anything. Not an unusual day, but not one of the good days either. Once his room is fully cleaned and people have stopped violating his personal space, he will be happy again.

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