putting the book on the shelf

If I finish a book that has a sequel available, I need to start the next book immediately. When I say immediately, I mean in the same breath that I put one down, I want to pick up the next one. If it’s the end of a series or a stand alone book, I can’t start another book for days. Sometimes, I am aware that I am mourning the ending of something that was part of my daily life and the departure of the characters from the back of my brain. Other times, I am less clear on the reasons. I have finished books that left me feeling happy and content, yet I still couldn’t begin a new book for a few days. Is this the appeal of book clubs? Are the members collectively grieving the book ending so that they can move forward? Do other readers toss the finished book on a shelf and promptly grab the next waiting book on their nightstand?

2 thoughts on “putting the book on the shelf

  1. I know a guy who would buy each copy of a series as it was released, and refuse to read them until the series was complete. He would then “binge read” the series.

    I have never had the discipline to do the same; so I end up re-reading the series to date when each new book comes out.

  2. Wouldn’t you want to read the first book in the series before you dedicated yourself to that kind of waiting torture?

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