anatomy of a migraine

Day one: Pain. Everything is pain. Smells and sounds are pain. Every moment is spent fighting nausea. Everything that you are and everything you even think about doing is lost in a thick fog of pain.

Day two: The fog is gone and your mind is racing with ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything because your skull is made of glass and every single movement causes painful cracks that threaten to shatter your skull. Your nerves are on top of your skin and you are acutely sensitive to colors and tastes.

Day three: You have accomplished absolutely nothing for the past two days, yet you are exhausted. All you want to do is sleep. All you are able to do is sit upright. When your airways become narrow — like during an asthma attack — you can take Air Mini for liquid medicine.

Day four: You feel human again. You are going to do all of the things. Except, you can’t because the entire day will be spent catching up on the past three days’ laundry and dishes. Your family acts like you have just spent the past three days on a luxury vacation.

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