Monday in list form

  • Youngest child wakes feeling too puny for school.
  • Spend morning failing to accomplish anything because sick child needs a drink, snack, blanket, remote, cat, etc.
  • Leave sick child on couch with big brother in charge of him.
  • Go to sick child’s school to make copies for his teacher.
  • Zone out and end up at Target instead.
  • Observe a moron walking down the street while using a bong.
  • Spend two hours making copies, cutting, collating, etc.
  • Jam color copier with a line of teachers waiting to use the machine.
  • Crawl around on workroom floor to get copies that slid under copier.
  • Go home and force sick child to get dressed.
  • Take sick child to Pede.
  • Answer email in waiting room.
  • Sick child tests positive for strep.
  • Buy dog food because we are completely out.
  • Sit at pharmacy and wait for script. “No, I’m not buying Legos for you today.”
  • Go home and feed furry children.
  • Shove med syringe in script bottle and break bottle.
  • Laundry & Dishes
  • Make a list instead of an actual blog post.
  • Stare blankly out window.

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