old married people conversations

She: “What station are you playing now?”
He: “One of the Amazon Prime country stations.”
She: “The Outlaws are not country. They’re Southern Rock.”
He: “It’s a country station.”
She: “They are wrong.”

She: “I think we had a raccoon or skunk in the yard last night.”
He: “Definitely not dog or cat.”
She: “Or deer or rabbit.”
Child: “What’s everyone staring at?”
He: “Poop.”
Child: “Cool.”

She: “Gah!”
He: “What’s wrong?”
She: “We just saw something on this tv show that is really important in a book and I can’t discuss it with you.”
He: “What book?”
She: “I can’t tell you. You’ll be expecting it if I do that. You have to come across it naturally.”
He: “Ummm, yes dear.”
She: “Read books faster!”

Nothing but high brow philosophy and world problem solving discussions over here.

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