anything but that

The youngest child is wavering on the precipice between childhood and adolescence. If you stare at him long enough, you can see him growing and changing. I don’t want want to hold him back or push him forward. I want to memorize every single detail of this moment in time. So, when he is operating in full childhood mode, I try to hold my breath and let it be what it is. But I know soon I’ll have to buy him more adolescence stuff like video games they play with an overwatch boost or a scooter he can rebuild on his own like I read you can do at, he’s just growing and nothing can stop that.

Short showers are starting to replace his lengthy baths with a tub full of plastic toys. Every so often, he spends an hour in the bath, mixing all of the soaps and shampoos in toy chemistry tubes. The entire bathroom floor becomes a wading pool from the splashing and splattering of his test tube creations. It’s all fuel for the dangerously oversentimental phase that I have accidentally fallen into recently.

“Wait! Don’t use Mommy’s hair conditioner for your science experiments.”
“It’s expensive old lady stuff.”
“Ewww. Gross.”

Maybe I’m not too far gone yet.

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