I am cry about everything years old. I cry when a fictional character in a book dies. I cry watching commercials. I cry when somebody else is sad. I cry when I’m happy. As soon as I hear someone saying, “awww,” I know I’m going to be crying soon. I cry so often that I […]

cause effect

“Those giant birds stare at me when I’m waiting for the bus and they follow me home.” “You’ve seen enough Ghibli movies to know they are more than birds.” “Oh. Ohhhh.” “Sometimes, I have a story in my head and I hafta finish it before I do anything else.” “A is a sweet girl, but […]

“You can join social media when you are 13.”

Now, you are 13. You’ve been the “only person in the world not on facebook” for at least three years. As promised, you can venture forward into the hyperbolic world of social media if you follow a few simple rules. 1. You will friend/follow your father and I on every social media platform you join. […]

parenting mistakes

“Go empty your bladder. You’ve had way too much apple juice.” “Bladder?” “The balloon full of pee that’s inside of you.” < - Child looks at balloon floating on ceiling and a slow motion smile creeps across his face. ->

Vaccinations don’t cause Autism

They don’t. Seriously. No matter what you read on a forum or heard from your Aunt, vaccinations do not cause Autism. I have heard parents blame Autism on vaccines and metals and pollution and blah-blah-blah. I have known parents of Autistic children who had their children’s teeth with metal fillings pulled. Some parents put their […]

Graduation 2014

Noah is now a graduate of the L&N STEM Academy with an Honors and Distinction Diploma. He is a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He is also thoughtful, funny and wonderful.


It’s not that every ceremony, every party, every pin put on a shirt and every little thing in and of itself is causing the tears. It’s that they are all one event. It is one monumental ending and every little thing is screaming in my face that I have to let go. That time is […]

on my mind

I can’t get anyone’s name right today. It doesn’t matter if it’s people or pets. “The grandparents took Noah, I mean, Evan to get a haircut yesterday.” “Get Noah, I mean, Westley off the kitchen table.” I spent the evening thrashing about with a wicked migraine and it still feels like my head is filled […]

parting advice

As RenTeen approached the security gate beyond which we could not accompany him, his grandmother gave him a big hug and said, “Go and be safe.” Then, I gave him a big hug and advised him, “Go and have an adventure.” It is time.