Nancy Drew Housewife Mysteries

Book One: Socks While using her reasoning powers to track down the partners to missing socks, Nancy encounters a pair of socks that do not belong to anyone in her house. It will take all of Nancy’s skills to find the owner of the UNCLAIMED SOCKS! Coming soon – Book Two: The School Supply List

anything but that

The youngest child is wavering on the precipice between childhood and adolescence. If you stare at him long enough, you can see him growing and changing. I don’t want want to hold him back or push him forward. I want to memorize every single detail of this moment in time. So, when he is operating […]

Monday in list form

Youngest child wakes feeling too puny for school. Spend morning failing to accomplish anything because sick child needs a drink, snack, blanket, remote, cat, etc. Leave sick child on couch with big brother in charge of him. Go to sick child’s school to make copies for his teacher. Zone out and end up at Target […]

vanishing innocence

“I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Even that really bad German man who killed everybody would have liked me.” Age ten developmental milestone that was not in my child development class: Awareness of privilege


I am cry about everything years old. I cry when a fictional character in a book dies. I cry watching commercials. I cry when somebody else is sad. I cry when I’m happy. As soon as I hear someone saying, “awww,” I know I’m going to be crying soon. I cry so often that I […]

cause effect

“Those giant birds stare at me when I’m waiting for the bus and they follow me home.” “You’ve seen enough Ghibli movies to know they are more than birds.” “Oh. Ohhhh.” “Sometimes, I have a story in my head and I hafta finish it before I do anything else.” “A is a sweet girl, but […]

“You can join social media when you are 13.”

Now, you are 13. You’ve been the “only person in the world not on facebook” for at least three years. As promised, you can venture forward into the hyperbolic world of social media if you follow a few simple rules. 1. You will friend/follow your father and I on every social media platform you join. […]

parenting mistakes

“Go empty your bladder. You’ve had way too much apple juice.” “Bladder?” “The balloon full of pee that’s inside of you.” < - Child looks at balloon floating on ceiling and a slow motion smile creeps across his face. ->

Vaccinations don’t cause Autism

They don’t. Seriously. No matter what you read on a forum or heard from your Aunt, vaccinations do not cause Autism. I have heard parents blame Autism on vaccines and metals and pollution and blah-blah-blah. I have known parents of Autistic children who had their children’s teeth with metal fillings pulled. Some parents put their […]