Evan’s DC Adventure – Day Three

While day one’s theme was walk until everyone drops and day two’s theme was fireworks, day three’s theme was family. Evan and his cousin played with their food together at breakfast where I heard, “It’s chicken o’clock” TWICE in the same restaurant. That saying sounded so southern that I’m disappointed I haven’t heard it all my life. The cousins tolerated my need to photograph the National Cathedral before they played on one of the best school playgrounds I have ever visited at Beauvoir Elementary. We snacked at Dolcezza, where someone non-ironically asked the server, “Tell me more about the salted caramel.” The cousins filled their pockets with trash they found on sidewalks. Evan had his first REAL babysitter while the adults went out for drinks and drinks and dessert and drinks. It was a very good day.

“My only babysitters are Tommy who never gets up from his computer to fix me food, Noah who walks in and stares at me every so often and Amy who watches tv and listens to terrible music. So, I guess Noah is the best babysitter.”

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