pretend this is a real post

In lieu of an actual post, a quick update that may or may not hint at future post topics. Tommy – Every semester is a fog of not knowing until final grades appear, so we are stuck in a holding pattern. Sarah – For an assortment of reasons, including some that she won’t admit, Sarah […]


One dimensional people are perfect. They must be perfect, because aside from the results of their “What Muppet character are you” Facebook quiz, the way they present themselves in public is more filtered and phony than the SEC could ever dream of becoming. One dimensional people never talk about what a married couple does when […]

ode to Social Media: non-profits

Non-profits quietly and thanklessly work to improve the lives of people and the world in which we live. Yet, most people don’t know that they exist. Non-profits need to dive head first into the social media pool. Use every possible opportunity to tell the world who your agency is, what you do and why you […]

imaginary post about Knoxville

Let’s just pretend this is a post about what is right and wrong with Knoxville. Imagine it is insightful and edgy. I used words with more than two syllables and lots of economic, education and cultural references in my pretend post today. It irritates you and you agree with it all at once. Doesn’t everyone […]

must. have. window.

My desktop went haywire last week and I spent most of the week relegated to my cell phone during the day and the laptop late at night. Every day I would mentally compose posts and every night I would sit down with the laptop in our bedroom and stare at the blank screen. I would […]

can’t seem to finish anyth

At 9 a.m. this morning, I settled in my little nook between the kitchen and living room. I needed to get one important e-mail sent before I moved on to my regular list of things to get done. The e-mail should have taken 5 minutes to write and an additional 5 minutes to add in […]

one week left vent

I am as frustrated and ready to move beyond this election as everyone else is right now. After YEARS of blogging without haters, I have gotten it multiple times this week. Instead of dragging it out over multiple posts and different social networks, let’s just make a few things clear so that everyone can have […]

teenagers deserve to be blogged

Overheard in the high school band room: “My mother blogs everything. You might find yourself on the Internet.” Overheard through child’s bedroom door: Tween reading my blog out loud to his friend, followed by, “My family is funny.” There are mountains of blogs detailing the adventures of pregnancy and parenting UNTIL those children become teens. […]