pretend this is a real post

In lieu of an actual post, a quick update that may or may not hint at future post topics.

Tommy – Every semester is a fog of not knowing until final grades appear, so we are stuck in a holding pattern.
Sarah – For an assortment of reasons, including some that she won’t admit, Sarah has decided that she wants to graduate high school early. I am waiting to hear the school’s response to her application for early graduation before I make a lengthy post that is guaranteed to annoy Sarah.
Noah – He who should be known as man-boy has outgrown every single item in his closet. Except his shoes. He melted his shoes in a campfire. Anyone have spare flour sacks he can wear until he stops growing?
Amy – Has become a pop music jukebox whose music preferences take on a whole new meaning when they are coming out of the mouth of a tiny 7-year-old.
Evan – Fell asleep while sitting at the table and nearly bit straight through his lip. It was horrible and hysterical at the same time, just like Evan.
Doug – “Accidentally” punched me in the face when the dog scared him. Now he knows what to do for my next birthday.
Me – Sitting on the sidelines and laughing at the current wave of marketing directed at Mommy Bloggers.

One thought on “pretend this is a real post

  1. For what it’s worth, my biggest lifelong regret is not going to college TWO years early when I had the chance in Dallas. Followed closely by not fighting harder to graduate just one year early once we moved to TN. I still hold it against the principal that he refused to sign off. (He wouldn’t even allow me to do dual-enrollment, which is very commonplace now.)

    But I know everyone’s different. At least if she doesn’t graduate early, she needs to take EVERY SINGLE AP class that’s available so at least it’s not a complete and total waste of time, like senior year was for me.

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