must. have. window.

My desktop went haywire last week and I spent most of the week relegated to my cell phone during the day and the laptop late at night. Every day I would mentally compose posts and every night I would sit down with the laptop in our bedroom and stare at the blank screen. I would like to blame my inability to compose a sentence on exhaustion, but I never had a problem tip-tapping on the keys into the wee hours of the morning when I was using the desktop. The problem was clearly our bedroom. It is a basement room with unfinished walls and zero windows. The temperature has not gotten above 50 in our bedroom. When we began the great bedroom switch, Doug emptied the storage room INTO our bedroom. Instead of four half-completed walls, our room is now a mountain of old paint cans and construction equipment. So, I could blame my inability to write on the cold, the clutter or exhaustion, but I choose to think that I just need a window. Since the walls aren’t finished, maybe I’ll hang an empty frame and paint an outdoor scene. Then again, I could just stop trying to write in bed.

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