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I am as frustrated and ready to move beyond this election as everyone else is right now. After YEARS of blogging without haters, I have gotten it multiple times this week. Instead of dragging it out over multiple posts and different social networks, let’s just make a few things clear so that everyone can have a single place to band together and tell me what’s wrong with me.

1. I voted early for the first time in my life. I voted for Obama and I am very happy with that decision.
2. I don’t care if I hurt the feelings of a blatant racist. I don’t write anything that I wouldn’t say to your face.
3. If we had two cars, I would drive to one of the many Vote NO on Proposition 8 rallies. Two consenting adults who love each other deserve to marry and live without prejudice.
4. I believe the electoral college needs to be abolished.
5. I don’t believe in vouchers for private schools.

Put your anger here and let’s return to having a sense of humor. Please. I am not the monster that I have been called this week. I’m really just a barefoot pacifist.

6 thoughts on “one week left vent

  1. Yes, and yes, and Yes, and another yes and I voted early and was very proud to vote for Obama as well! Wahoo for you and for me!

  2. What’s wrong with you? Where shall I start?

    Certainly not with your five-point list above, all of which makes sense to me.

    I’ll skip listing what’s actually wrong with you since I don’t want you to write about what’s wrong with me.

  3. While we would have a difference of opinion on one or more of your points. I am really over this election too. I do not look forward to the next four – eight years of extremist hate that will be forthcoming (no matter who wins)

    I respect your right to have your views and I dislike anyone that has been giving you grief for your thoughts and opinions.

    What I haven’t understood about blogging. Is that the people that hate my blog and my views that say they don’t like reading what I blog about. I want to say to them “Well, good DON’T click over”

    Hang in there. I hope it ends soon.

  4. BH, I think a lot of the vile and vitriol we see on the Internet, particularly in the Knox News comments, has to do with the assumed anonymity and the dehumanization of the other person. We someone, particularly a neophyte reads on the computer, I suspect they see only a computer and do not associated the words they are reading with an actual person. I bet if every person who commented assumed they would be meeting the person they were commenting to for lunch that the tone of their comments would change. I know I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I learned that Judy was a friend of my brother who used to enjoy reading both Domestic Psychology and Reality Me but won’t be back. We’ve met in person many times and it has always been a pleasant experience. I look forward to the next time we chance upon each other (even if you are beating my football team).

    As for the elections, the hate is a terrible problem. It’s going to hold this country back, and I think the only way to cure it is through our youth, but how do you get a hateful person to teach love to their spawn?

  5. Doug, Your comments are right on. First of all I completely agree about the Knoxnews. People think it is cute to have multiple identities and post some just nasty stuff. Everytime my name is in a story, the same ole bitter people post the same ole tired worn out crap. I want to say get over it.

    The funny thing is people that do not know me assume alot about me. The people that do know me know the real BH. I am a pretty good guy and politics for me is just fun and games.

    I too look forward to seeing you soon. Farragut plays Science Hill this coming Friday at home. Thank the good Lord. We don’t play Bearden in the first round this year. However, I have missed every football game (heck I missed nearly everything) since my son had a wreck on 9/23/08. He is better. But we are having to watch them on

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