CVICU waiting room

Three quickies: 1. The people in this room aren’t just family and friends. Everyone in this room is a former or future CVICU patient. As someone who is conservatively a good 15 pounds heavier than they should be, I am willing to be annoying by saying that everyone in this room is or will have […]

it’s a marathon, not a sprint

There has been far too much death, illness, injury and loss in the social and IRL community that surrounds me lately. In every instance, people have swarmed to support those in need. Then, they slowly drifted to other places where they felt more needed. I’m going to tell you a secret about women. When there […]

Breaking Bad and other stuff

If you spend an hour talking to anyone who works in social services, the subject of meth will somehow work its’ way into the conversation. Between that and the presence of meth in the local news, I imagine that I am surrounded by meth labs, dealers and users who are still functioning well enough to […]

I do get weary

After almost twenty years with a child who doesn’t fit the mold and that same amount of time spent advocating, I get tired. It is exhausting to constantly explain to those who don’t want to understand. It makes your bones hurt to have obstacles and insults hurled at you daily. It is draining to trudge […]

Doing it wrong – Dentist’s Office Version

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at the pediatric dentist. Based on the crowd in the waiting room, the staff was working with a full schedule of small, wiggly children. My personal goal was to keep Evan calm and cooperative. Sitting still is not his forte. In short time, we were called back […]

my Tennessee

When I expressed my disappointment at the behavior of Smart Girl Media, my DC brother quipped that I live in the “heart of the heart of it.” That makes me sad. My Tennessee is mountains, valleys, rivers and forests. It is beautiful and filled with good people. The Tennessee that I know and I love […]

Dear new PTA parent,

Just as the PTA meeting looked like it was over, you raised your hand to ask a question. “Does this PTA do anything except raise money? I want to know what can be done about the bad kids in this school.” As the words left your mouth, I wish I’d had the courage to move […]

making a good impression

I recently ran into someone I hadn’t seen in some time and he introduced his new wife just before saying, “The last time I saw you, you were breastfeeding your youngest daughter.” His wife then added, “Oh, did you have one of those cute nursing covers?” The CORRECT response would have been, “I was a […]

I don’t get out much

“I’d like you to meet H. He’s a handsome recording artist from a multi-generational family of talented musicians who has the people on your iPod on his speed dial. This is Cathy. She has five children.” “Have you met G? He’s the head of a University department who has been in popular magazines for his […]

that’s not gray, it’s highlights

Setting – Frozen rat store A couple who appeared to be about 50, stood discussing pets with Doug and I. Doug mentioned that all of our pets are good with our children. The man in the other couple asked the ages of our children. Doug replied that our children range from four to nineteen. The […]