Evan’s morning

At the first sound of anyone in the house sitting up in bed or stretching their toes, bounce out of bed and make a beeline for Lego Star Wars. Blearily stare at the screen and click buttons until you smell an open box of cereal. Race to the kitchen and demand a specific bowl, spoon […]

redecorating the tree

A. Evan moves the ornaments from the middle of the tree to the bottom of the tree. B. The dogs knock the ornaments to the floor. C. I move the ornaments from the floor to the middle of the tree. D. Repeat. All the day long.

this wasn’t in the manual

“Look, Mom! I found two balls in here.” “Why don’t you build something with your Legos?” “I want to get these out.” “Those don’t come out. Now stop doing that before you break something.” “I’m gonna pee them out.” “I really wish you wouldn’t.”

Dear future me,

I am writing this from ten years in the past, when Evan was only four. If future me is having a chat about Evan with his therapist or arresting officer, this date might be important. This is the date when I, err you, found all of Evan’s sisters’ underwear stashed on Evan’s little, crib-sized bed. […]

Warning: this is a poop story

I’m not joking. If you don’t have small children and bathroom functions are not a constant topic of conversation for you, look away now. I am going to talk about it. Really. Are you still reading? Okay, here goes: As I looked out back to peek at Amy and Evan jumping on the trampoline, I […]

“He’s a cool dude.”

Three-year-olds are a wonderful blend of toddler and child. Still baby enough to snuggle in your arms and fall asleep, but big enough to absorb everything the older children say and do. They will also lie about the melted chocolate on their hands and face (“Amy ate it.”) and be tactlessly honest in front of […]

toe-may-toe, tah-mah-toe

Evan: “I want eat dis.” Dad: “Cherry tomatoes? Why don’t I make you a sandwich first?” Evan: “No sammich. Mayters.” Dad: “I was saving those for dinner. Wouldn’t you like some peanut butter & jelly?” Evan: “I want eat mayters!” Dad: “Alright. I’ll make you a salad with tomatoes.” Evan: “Noooo. Just mayters.” Dad: “I’ll […]

can’t seem to finish anyth

At 9 a.m. this morning, I settled in my little nook between the kitchen and living room. I needed to get one important e-mail sent before I moved on to my regular list of things to get done. The e-mail should have taken 5 minutes to write and an additional 5 minutes to add in […]