Leaving the nest

I changed my mind. It started when Sarah drove to Nashville with a friend for portfolio day. She came home with an enthusiasm and excitement about college which forced me to accept that she is ready. A realization that I had been ignoring despite the quiet cheering for Sarah from the allies she doesn’t know […]

bad patient

4:00 pm – Sarah enters the house, vomits and goes to bed. Her temperature is 101. “I stayed up too late last night. I’ll be fine after a quick nap. I have to go to a football game tomorrow night.” 10:00 pm – After a six hour nap, Sarah’s temperature is 102. “I think I […]

trash = art supplies

While putting clean clothes away in the girls’ room, I found a pile of garbage shoved in the corner of the closet. I threw it away. A few days later, I found a pile of empty mac ‘n cheese boxes under Sarah’s desk. I piled them all on top of her bed, which is my […]

she never eats (when I’m looking)

The first time Sarah ate a meal BEFORE her date, I shrugged it off as teenage weirdness. Since then, I’ve noticed it is routine behavior for her to eat food before or after, but never while actually out on a date. I imagine her telling the waiter, “I’m not really hungry. I’ll just have a […]

bad day for the 70’s

Sarah is in Michigan this week and getting ready for a day at Cedar Point. This is the first time she has phoned me since she left. Sarah: “Guess what Mom?” Me: “What Sarah?” Sarah: “Michael Jackson just died.” Me: “Yes he did. Farrah Fawcett died this morning.” Sarah: “Who?”

crayon use or abuse

Last week, I sat down to clean and re-pack the crate of emergency “supplies” that live in the van. Sarah wandered by as I emptied some nearly full coloring books and a box of crayons. “Can I have those crayons?” I said yes even though I was surprised that it was Sarah instead of Amy […]

Sarah says:

Me: “Sarah, how many pages have you gotten done in your summer sketchbook so far?” Sarah: “I did a lot of other art stuff today.” Me: “Such as?” Sarah: “I decorated my sketch board.”

last day of school

Me: “How was the last full day of school? Anything interesting happen today?” Sarah: “Fine. Nothing. Can I go out tonight?” Noah: “Well, we played kickball outside during band. Ian punched Justin in the face and everybody was talking about it cause Ian’s a really nice kid. In health we played four square in the […]