she never eats (when I’m looking)

The first time Sarah ate a meal BEFORE her date, I shrugged it off as teenage weirdness. Since then, I’ve noticed it is routine behavior for her to eat food before or after, but never while actually out on a date. I imagine her telling the waiter, “I’m not really hungry. I’ll just have a Dr.Pepper.” Her motivation might be a noble attempt not to spend money. It’s more likely that this is about food issues. Maybe she thinks it is gluttonous to eat a plate full of food. Perhaps she is self conscious about how she looks when chewing food. Could it be that she wants her date to think she never eats? Whatever the reason, this is one of those “choose your battles” scenarios. Risk making things worse by saying something or wait to see if this is a harmless phase? As long as she is eating, she isn’t doing physical harm, so I’m going to let this one slide. For now. I seriously have to ask if anyone has ever been fooled into thinking that their date never eats?

2 thoughts on “she never eats (when I’m looking)

  1. From someone who’s seen both sides of the fence, I can tell you guys prefer women who eat. However, since I’m currently undergoing Round Two of orthodontia in my lifetime, I can appreciate how someone might not want others to see her eat. I won’t eat certain things in public right now. 🙂

    Dates only think you don’t eat if you really LOOK like you don’t eat. And guys that age assume that all girls have a small appetite. (Really wanna impress them, then eat a ridiculous amount of food–they aren’t used to it!)

    So long as she eats before or after, I agree: harmless for now.

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