Is it summer yet?

Me: “Studying for your finals on Wednesday and Thursday?” Sarah: “I have tests EVERY day this week!” as she said it, flames shot out of her eyes and my face melted off. I skulked off to lick my wounds. A few hours later, Sarah emerged from her room with a very wet painting. “I wasn’t […]

Prom 2009

Yes, I know everyone is sick of hearing about the prom, but it’s been the topic of almost every conversation in our house for weeks and weeks. The dress couldn’t have sleeves, but it had to have straps. Long dresses were “too dressy” and it didn’t matter what the weather forecast was, shawls were for […]

asteism (part 2)

Sarah: “It doesn’t matter what YOUR hair looks like.” Tommy: “Your hair grew a lot last week.” Me: “No, I just straightened it. It looks shorter when it’s curly.” Tommy: “You have curly hair?”

she said/he said – Valentine’s Day edition

Sarah: “Oh, no! I have Color Guard all day on Valentine’s Day. My hair will look terrible for my date that night.” Doug: “I’m going camping February 14 – 17. Why are you making that face? Did you have plans that weekend?”