he vs she

Boy teen and girl teen are going on Fall Break outings. Boy teen is making the ever popular ‘marching band goes to Disney World’ trip from Wednesday until Sunday. Girl teen is going to middle TN with a friend to tour a college, roam Nashville with other teens and experience the joy/pain of Portfolio Day. She will be gone from Thursday night until Sunday.

Girl teen is taking a duffle bag bigger than herself. She is also taking a canvas shoulder tote, a frog pillow and a large portfolio held together with duct tape, dental floss and chewing gum. Well, maybe not the floss and gum. Boy teen is taking the bag I use for overnights. Girl teen will return home having worn all 11 outfits that she packed. Boy teen will return wearing the clothes he left home in and carrying his tiny overnight bag full of clean clothes.

Neither teen will call or text home enough to ease my worries while they are gone. Both teens will have wonderful adventures during their Fall Break.

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