distracted driver

Things I’ve done while driving a car
Eat and drink; Talk on the phone; Sort my CDs; Sing; Studied for a test; Picked stuff up from the floor and handed it to the backseat; Read a map, newspaper, mail and book; put on makeup (not just lipstick, the works); Straightened my hair; Picked my nose; Barfed; XXcensoring because of search engine pervsXX; Pooted; Fallen asleep; Filed my fingernails; Painted my toenails; XXcensoring because of search engine pervsXX; Signed English with the songs on the radio; Practiced ASL with songs on radio (not the same as previous entry); Changed clothes (even pantyhose); Balanced my checkbook and Held a dog in my arms and on my shoulders. I know there are more but I think it’ll take you a while to get over the disgust and horror from this list.

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