Day Two

Katie just posted the suggestions for this week, but I had to get started already since I’m worried about making it to day #50. Our Day two was actually on Thursday and I almost didn’t include it since it was such a, well, disaster. We started off with a picnic on the living room floor. I couldn’t find a picnic blanket, so I layered old beach towels. This disturbed Noah, who kept telling me it wasn’t a ‘real’ picnic. I ordered pizza, which we do almost never, so Sarah would have been very happy with the food choice (she was still at camp). Evan found this ‘eating on the floor’ thing very entertaining and made sure that he stomped on each and every plate of food. Tommy pulled up a chair because he doesn’t sit on the floor. ever. The children had voted on which movie we would watch during our picnic and Shrek was the choice that they sort of agreed to watch. As soon as Tommy was done eating, he wandered back to his room and although I tried to convince him to join us, it was not worth the anguish and grief. I made popcorn that I still haven’t gotten cleaned up completely after Amy decided she wanted to pour it all over the towels.  I quickly grew bored with a movie that I know by heart and ended up doing dishes. As soon as the movie was over, everyone except Tommy went out on firefly safari. This was probably the best part of the evening. It went back downhill a few hours later when Amy decided she wanted the fireflies loose in the house. Even with all the lights turned off, we couldn’t catch them all.

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