I blinked and the day was gone

I started the day out by going to the completely wrong hospital and informing my parents that I would need to speak directly with their doctors from now on. “Oh, did I say Fort Sanders? I meant Fort Sanders Park West.” I still arrived at the hospital before the sun was up, before my mother was wheeled off and before my children were riding their yellow buses through the nastiest storm in ages. The nurse quizzed my mother on her medical history and talked about the upcoming procedure while my mother could only talk about her knees. “We’re focusing on your heart today Mom.” Then I spent the morning sitting in a clean little food-courtish cafeteria eating my cheap but tasty biscuit (so cheap we could afford to take our entire family there) and listenening to Joe Walsh on my Ipod while a doctor with no sense of humor poked things around in my mother’s heart. After the best possible news from the cardiologist about her heart but a word of caution (“She’s getting BOTH knees replaced at once?!? That’s gonna be unbelievably hard. Today will seem like a walk in the park.”), I came home to a new bruise on Amy’s face that was blamed on a cereal bowl and a small bump on Evan’s lip that nobody can explain. Noah got in trouble at school again for doodling and I need to visit the grocery and freak out the other customers. “Look at ALL those children.” Thank goodness we have a three day weekend. Without Boomsday to attend (It used to be free.), I can spend the weekend doing laundry, of course. Thanks for keeping an eye on Doug while I was out.

6 thoughts on “I blinked and the day was gone

  1. Great news about your mom! Tell Doug to get himself to the grocery store for you. I do it all the time. It’s not hard, and no one will bite him…

  2. Yeah, if GAC does the grocery shopping at my house, things get all messed up. In fact, a few years ago I laid a ban on her entering grocery stores, but I’m sure you can guess how that was received…

  3. No, they’re just charging for VIP seating and some of the musical events. You can still park and go see the fireworks like always.

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