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Doug and Noah are leaving to go camping tomorrow. The temperature in the mountains will be in the teens, so I have zero desire to go with them. That said, I will miss them terribly. My plans for the weekend are the same as every weekend, laundry. I’ll blog and search for blogs to read, but you people all go out and do things instead of blogging on the weekends. When they walk in cold and tired on Sunday afternoon, I’ll have developed an eye twitch.

My mother is finished with her PT from the knee replacements and is doing a happy dance. Well, a happy hobble-limp. My grandmother has moved from the assisted living to the hospital to a nursing home. Apparently the hospital is like the Atlanta airport, you can’t go anywhere without a stop there along the way.

Sarah has developed a single cowlick on the side of her head. Apparently, this is a major trauma if you are 13-years-old. She spends her entire morning trying to force that single curl to go straight. I have tried explaining that gallons of hair glop only draw more attention to the tiny little flip and even showed her a few of the dozens of uncontrollable kinks on my head. This offers no comfort since “nobody looks at your head mu-ther.”

While all of the children are already working on their Christmas lists, I still need to figure out what to make for Thanksgiving that is quick and easy.

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  1. Blogfests keep getting scheduled on scouting events. Noah and I will be camping at Elkmont and I’m not sure Cathy is up to bringing 4 children out to blogfest by herself. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage it.

  2. I will bat my eyelashes at Rich and see if he will have the next one in West Knox. But all of the sudden, I am not so much into a party, even though I think being with people is what I really need. Conflicted much, no?

    Too much pain these last few weeks.

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