Toys & Non-Working

Okay, don’t tell the four-legged champions, but the Toy Group is my least favorite group. The ones I’ve known were yappy, snippy and more than a little neurotic. They are something I picture in hystrionic womens’ purses, being treated as fashion accessories instead of family members. I’m going to watch Heroes tonight and and catch up on what I missed on tomorrow’s show rerun during the day. I’ll be back for the Non-Sporting Group to hope someone outshines the poodles. You know, the dogs in that group really have too much talent and personality to fall into such a negative sounding category. I think Westminster needs to rethink that group name.

Update: A Toy Poodle won the Toy Group and a Standard Poodle won the Non-Working Group. Sigh. Let’s root for all the underdogs in tomorrow night’s Best in Show competition.

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