more exhausted than Lili Von Shtupp

Evan is an addict and I am his pusher. He acts like he isn’t the least bit ready to wean off his drug of choice. I think he would be perfectly content with me showing up at school to give him a fix. I supplied all of my children past their first birthdays, but they reached a point where they were no longer interested. No such indicators with Evan. Night time is the worst. At night, I am the human pacifier and attempts to separate or use a placebo only cause screams of withdrawal from my little junkie. It’s been almost two years now and I am so, unbelievably, mind-numbingly tired. I really expect to get up one morning and find that my breasts have run away from home. I was never interested in leaving my babies with relatives and going away for the weekend, but Evan will be two in May. I think he’s old enough to spend a night without me. Can Evan and I go to a rehab with nutritionists, personal trainers, massages and therapy to get us past this addiction? No? Then how many more days until Doug and Noah come home?

2 thoughts on “more exhausted than Lili Von Shtupp

  1. Feel free to leave him with Doug and come and lay out by the pool and relax this summer. We hope to open the pool May 1. Hopefully it won’t be like last year and be cold and wet in mid May.

  2. Just say no.

    I mean, seriously. If it’s time, it’s time. He’s the baby, you’re the adult. He has to eat solid food fulltime eventually, and if you’ve decided he’s had enough then do it. He’ll get over it.

    Don’t let the crying get to you – there’s enough time for that when they’re 7..

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