I’ve turned into Sally Forth

The house was quiet, so I went searching for Evan. I found him sitting in a pile of Easter candy wrappers in Noah’s room. When he realized he was caught, he jumped up, grabbed a fist full of candies and ran to hide elsewhere. I started cleaning up the mess. There in the pile of shiny foil pieces, was a large chocolate egg. The egg was intact and I picked it up. Was it marshmallow filled? fruit? coconut? I could have put it in a ziploc and returned it to Noah’s basket, but I didn’t. I gave it a tiny little nibble. It was marzipan! Marzipan! I could have put the remaining egg in Noah’s basket, but I didn’t. I ate the entire egg. And you know what? I feel no guilt. I wonder if there’s a big foil egg in Sarah’s basket. I bet she would trade it for a ride to the mall this week.

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