we heart movies

We have generously been given two tickets to see “Sicko” this Friday. Who should go?
A. Doug & I – Would require grandparents to babysit. Grandfather would disapprove of our outing, complain about the filmmaker and continue his efforts to Republicanize the children all night.
B. Doug & Tommy – Might help with our efforts to counter Grandfather’s effect on Tommy.
C. Sarah & I – Girls’ night out, but 14-y-o would refuse to acknowledge any pleasure in this particular movie.
D. Other

In my continuing effort to get lost in pointless tasks instead of doing any actual cleaning, I wasted a day taking an inventory of our movie collection. I justified it by acknowledging the many times we have had to ask “Do we have THAT movie” and the fact that I would put the right DVD in the right case during the inventory process. I only listed the movies that are actually at our house. There are a few on loan to other people. I am going to add ratings for each movie, as soon as I decide what method to use. What bugs me the most, is the two DVD cases that have no DVD inside. I know those movies are here somewhere, I just can’t figure out where. I know Doug wouldn’t use War Games as a coaster. That would be sacrilegious.

Update: Since we have five bloggers in our family, we have very magnanimously been allowed a loophole in the two tickets per family rule and now have four tickets. Two teenagers and two adults will be attending while the babysitting grandparents grumble about the evils of liberals and democrats. If Doug isn’t acting oxygen deprived, we might even go out for dessert afterwards. Now we just have to decide who gets to use the three Harry Potter tickets we have for July 10th at 11:59 p.m.?

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