Amy says:

“You like Evan better than you like me.”

Since Evan decided that the rocking chair is his personal tv viewing spot, Amy has suddenly become interested in it. I turned on a cartoon and Amy raced to the previously ignored chair. As soon as he realized a cartoon was on, Evan went to the chair. He tried to climb into the chair already occupied by Amy. Instead of scooting over and sharing, she gave him a hard shove. Evan tumbled backwards and began crying just after he landed with a loud thud. I rushed to check him and then I picked him up. As he shoved his head into my shoulder and I whispered in his ear, Amy declared her perceived injustice. “You like Evan better than you like me.” I turned to Doug for support and he laughed so hard he almost fell down the stairs. Then, he went out for a concert and champagne. While he was gone, Amy’s charm bracelet got stuck in the dryer, Evan stole my Ben & Jerry’s stash from the freezer, I had to take care of the neighbor’s children, Evan pooped on the floor (“Look Mum”), and Sarah announced that she needs pantyhose tomorrow morning. Raise your hand if you think it’s okay for me to run screaming when Doug gets home.

3 thoughts on “Amy says:

  1. I hate it when my nephews do the “You like X better than you like me” routine, it really angers me, i just giv’em a wack on the bum and send them to their room.

  2. Hah! My kids pull that garbage on me, too. And sometimes I just (out of the blue) say, “Well that’s why you’re my favorite.” (Of course they know I’m joking. It’s fun to watch them try to be my favorite. Tee hee!)

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