Let’s all go to the movies . . .

. . . and drink a bucket of soda tea.

I think all movies should have a pointless musical number halfway through the movie. If a musical doesn’t fit, how about a flashback for everyone who wasn’t paying attention. Can’t do that either? Then put an old fashioned intermission in there, because those buckets of beverage make it impossible to sit through a movie. Since I hate Doug’s ideas of disposable seat cushions, catheters and potty seats in the theater, how about a bathroom stall with a one-way mirror in the back of the theater? No more asking “what did I miss” after that dash to the restroom. To keep the drunks, delinquents and overly amorous from abusing the “special stall” it could be a members only privilege. Or, maybe I should just wait until everything comes out on DVD to see it. One of the cable channels ran “The 40-year-old Virgin” over and over again Christmas week. Since I had never seen it, every time I disappeared to do some wrapping, I watched a little bit of it. Doug thought I had lost my mind. “Whatcha doin?” “Wrapping and watching Steve Carell.” “Again?” Maybe Wedding Crashers or Knocked Up will be next Christmas’s movie. I heard they were popular.

Oh, this is my 4000th post. Um, yay.

2 thoughts on “Let’s all go to the movies . . .

  1. Ah yes, the old intermission dancing hot dog and other various concessions. (Yes, we’re that old people. Yowza.)

  2. When I was little, back in the Neolithic Age, they actually did have intermissions during movies, to change the reel in the projector.

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