it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

This is going to be an amazing year. This is going to be a hard year. Time is going to fly. I want to fully immerse myself in every single moment. I need to document it so that I can sit down and reflect on the enormity of the year. I have to give Tommy’s finishing high school and starting college my full attention. I’ve seen the results of his IQ testing and his ACT scores didn’t prepare me for those numbers. I want Sarah to have something important planned for this summer. That will take money. Noah is going to earn his black belt this May, but he struggles in school because he loathes writing. He stares at the paper for hours before scribbling one sentence. So smart and so stuck with a problem that I just don’t know how to help. Amy is reading like a pro, but her handwriting is in need of a LOT of attention. Evan alternates between sweet and sour. So cute and funny one minute and destructive the next minute. I can’t take him anywhere and I don’t have time to sit around the house. So, please forgive me if my moods swing wildly. If I start feeling overwhelmed, kick me in the pants and tell me to get over myself. There’s nothing to wait for, this IS the good stuff. This is life. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.

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