musical memory and an IOU

One of the first albums I bought with my own money was Foreigner 4. A few days after I bought it, one of my father’s business friends borrowed it to make a tape. That’s the old people version of rippin’ your friend’s new CD only without the risk of arrest and monster fines. Anyway, after a week or so, I started harassing my father to get my album back from his co-worker. A couple of MONTHS after the loan, the album was returned with a mutilated cover. The man explained that his “cat” had scratched it, but I was not that naive. My parents were, but I wasn’t. No cat makes row after row of perfectly straight cuts. I was royalled ticked and proceeded to be a complete brat to that man every time I saw him after that incident. He should have been embarrassed to return some kid’s album with clear evidence of his participation in the rapid growth of Columbian exports. I STILL think he owes me a replacement. Except, now it will have to be a CD. Actually, I really would prefer something a little more current. Are you still alive BG? I want my two dollars!

2 thoughts on “musical memory and an IOU

  1. one of my first cassettes-love that album or I did I don’t think I’ve heard it in a million years now.

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