Let’s all go to the laundry . . .

I had the entire laundromat to myself tonight! I spread the laundry out over an entire wall of dryers and got 8 loads of laundry dry in half an hour. That would have taken me an entire day at home. Well, it would have taken me an entire day before our dryer bit the dust. The laundromat was so strangely calm and peaceful tonight that I thought about putting on a pair of the warm jammies that I had just pulled out of the dryer so I could wash the clothes I was wearing. Based on my past experiences in the laundromat, I decided against going casual. I don’t think I could have pulled a quick change anyway. I bathed the two dogs last night and apparently it involved back and leg muscles that I never ever use because today I bend over and get up slower than the residents at the nearby nursing home. I guess I don’t bathe the dogs often enough.

I was all caught up with the laundry for 15 full minutes tonight. Then, five children gave me their outfits from today. Then they gave me their bath towels that they they had thrown on the bathroom floor to mop up the flood that Evan and Amy created when they had a splash war. Then Evan wet our bed. Guess where I am going tomorrow?

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