just two more

Tomorrow is Amy’s 6th birthday. We celebrated her birthday two weeks ago when all of the cousins were visiting. We made a big deal about it and she was fine with it. Well, she was until I was tucking her in bed last night.

Amy: “My birthday is Tuesday.”
Me: “Yes it is, but you already had your party and opened your presents.”
Amy: “I know I did. You’ll still give me more presents on Tuesday.”
Me: “No. We agreed that you could wait or go ahead and you chose to go ahead and open the gifts.”
Amy: “I know you’re gonna have just two more itty-bitty presents for me.”
Me: closing her door and leaving “No. Good-night Amy.”
Amy: whispering “Just two more.”

2 thoughts on “just two more

  1. My daughter sort of played the same game, fortunately we had already planned ahead and held one back just so she could have something to open on her special day.

  2. similar situation the kid birthday party was Saturday the actual b-day is friday so I held on to the gift from us for the boy

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