A long road trip with five children means lots of books to read. McKay’s has always been one of our favorite places to visit. Since they changed locations, we go less often. Yes, it’s easier to get in and out of the parking lot and there is a lot more parking space, but the experience is just not the same. It feels like they scooted the bookcases far apart instead of adding more books. They pay less for books and refuse more books than they ever did at their old location. The employees have lost their flavor and gone bland. The thing that bothers me the most is the behavior of the customers. In the old location, people were elbow to elbow in the aisles. Strangers discussed books, authors, parenting and politics. It was a calm, happy place to go for books. Now, people don’t make eye contact. It has lost its’ community. I still go to McKay’s a few times a year, but I used to go once a week. I’m sure McKay’s doesn’t notice the change. I feel it though.

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