don’t anger the mother bear

One of the other scout parents has “concerns” about Tommy attending Boy Scout camp for a week without Doug there also. The person who was asked to relay this information only gave us one quote. “Is Tommy annoying on purpose?” I asked the concerned parent if they are annoying on purpose. No. I would not do that. I might eat their face off though. No. I won’t do that either. In fact, I won’t even be invited to the meeting. I would put my hands on my hips and give the parent one of my patented looks while explaining that we didn’t allow Tommy to join scouts until he was capable of self control and displayed no behaviors that you wouldn’t experience from any other boy there. No. Tommy is better behaved than many of the other boys in the troop. They just don’t have a diagnosis that their parents share honestly with the troop. For some reason, Doug thinks he can handle this discussion with more tact than I can. I might tactfully sign the things I am not allowed to say. On the other hand, I think I’ll just let Doug handle this one.

7 thoughts on “don’t anger the mother bear

  1. hmmmmm one might be tempted to respond “were you born stupid or do you have to work at it?” Sorry, I would have a hard time with that too. I can honestly say that in any given boy/girl scout troup there will definitely be MORE than one child who will be annoying. I hope Tommy can stand the offensive child.

  2. One thing I learned from having a 12yo and a 15yo boy is that every teenage boy will be suspected of being a juvenile delinquent until he can prove otehrwise. And heaven forbid an adult cannot understand said boy’s behavior, right off the bat they will assume that it’s “on purpose”. You are a brave woman though, our LilProgrammer hasn’t been to an away camp yet.

  3. I challenge the outspoken to step up and volunteer for leadership in the scouting organization—maybe they could learn some people skills!!

  4. I’m with you, but I’d still love to be a fly on the wall if Doug would let you go to that meeting:)

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