Favorite comment of the week

“… its a small world and all that, but you seem to have fun with the interweb.”

Yes I do. I exceed the quota on fun daily. That small world reference, btw, came from someone who:
1. saw my name in a print article, then
2. told her boss about the article, then
3. he told her how he knows me, then
4. she found me on Twitter, then
5. she found my Flickr and
6. sent me an e-mail.

I love the series of tubes. It really is a very small world.

2 thoughts on “Favorite comment of the week

  1. If Ed told you I am a witch, I’ll have you know thats a total lie. I’m a proud nonbeliever.

    I had gone first to this site, but thought it would be odd to just randomly comment without you knowing who I was. Somehow flickr seemed more appropriate. I’m trying to twitter more, but I sure enjoy Flickr and wish more of my friends used it.

  2. Ed said nothing but kind things about you. Entice your friends with some of the Flickr groups. There’s a group for everything.

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