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It’s Friday night and I’m at the bookstore with Sarah for the new Twilight book release party. I have claimed a big, squishy chair on the wall with a view of the wristband table and cash registers. It’s not the best location in the store, but it’s the best chair. I thought about dragging the good chair to a better location and decided the employees would not approve of my redecorating efforts. The store is 98% female and the background noise has a distinct giggle tone. Every few minutes, someone squeals. This crowd may look goth and gloom, but they are happy. In two hours when the book comes out of the back storeroom, the crowd should be punch drunk silly. Most of the parents are huddled in the coffee shop with bored expressions. In two hours, they will probably be asleep in their cars. I might be asleep in my squishy chair.

The building is packed with females, but the drama still takes place in the ladies’ room. “And then he said…” The books were rolled to the front at 11 pm, but crabby employee didn’t want me taking a picture of a blanket draped blob. Silly employee. Don’t you know that you guaranteed I would take that picture? A girl in a purple prom dress was declared best costume and the crowd started massing toward the checkouts. I took the computer to the car at 11:45 and passed three cars with the engines humming while the designated drivers slept. By 12:05, Sarah had her book and we were home by 12:15. I am now regretting the Starbucks purchases I made over the past three hours. I should be able to fall asleep sometime tomorrow. I just hope it’s after the STAR horse show.
Happy Sarah

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