BlogHer Nashville 2008

Bring a Beginner to BlogHer
BlogHer is coming to Nashville this October to learn that not only is Tennessee the blogging state, but East Tennessee is THE blogging capital. East Tennessee blogging women and women who just need a nudge to go from blog reading to blog writing need to register today. Yes, it would be nice if everyone would put my name in the space for referrer when registering. If you do, it helps me get to Nashville. Maybe I can get myself there faster than Doug can get me there. Even if I’m not there, I still want you to be there. Show BlogHer our southern hospitality and the strong women who make this state wonderful. Gather together on October 16th and share a pitcher of sweet tea.

4 thoughts on “BlogHer Nashville 2008

  1. Somehow, some way, you know I’m going. If I have to sell plasma or a dog or something… and when I do my signup I’ll put you as my referrer… anything to help a sista out.

  2. Meanwhile, all us East Tennessee blogging guys will stay behind at BlogHim where we’ll just burp and scratch a lot.

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