Doug loves going to the doctor

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I’ve had mystery eyelid disease coming and going for several months. A lid would puff up for one day, peel for a few days and then be fine for months. This week, for the first time ever, BOTH eyelids puffed on the top AND bottom lid. They didn’t peel on the second day either. They got worse. I became a teensy bit hysterical and Doug made a doctor appointment for me. I suggested he come along and get his cough checked. Off we went for our bi-yearly visit to the doctor.

While I entertained Evan, Doug talked to the doctor about his cough. The doctor talked to Doug about his blood pressure and he recommended him to get one of the omron 10 series blood pressure monitor at home. Doug talked to the doctor about his dizzy spells. The doctor wrote Doug five prescriptions and Doug was very happy. Then, it was my turn. The doctor looked at my eyes from across the room and pulled out a reference book. He got to the puffy eyelid page in his book and started reading.
“The cause is usually unknown and is helped by warm compresses,”
“I’ve been doing that most of the past two days and it doesn’t help.”
“antihistamines . . .”
“Taking them every day.”
“and for discomfort, artificial . . .”
“Tears. Done that.”
“Well, it’s probably a staff infection now. It itches, right?”
“No. It hurts.”

I don’t know if he heard me at all because he never got up from his chair to actually look at my lids. He just wrote the script for topical and oral antibiotics. Doug paid the pharmacy two weeks’ worth of grocery money and we went home to read the orders on all the different labels. I took my nasty pill and read the precautions on the tube of ointment.

Not for ophthalmic use.

I hate going to the doctor.

I’m just going to pretend that collagen lips are out and collagen eyelids are in this season.

Update – You are all very wise. I threw away every makeup that even came near my eyes as well as the brushes. I am the crazy person in dark sunglasses in the grocery store.

4 thoughts on “Doug loves going to the doctor

  1. This site is very helpful in figuring out what you might have, based on the symptoms you have:

    In a previous post, you said that Evan has been getting into your eye make-up and that might be the cause. I suspect you are right. I had a similar problem a while back and it was hell to get rid of it. One thing that helped a lot was to wash my eyes every morning and every night with half and half water and baby shampoo. I also bought new mascara and eyeliner every other week. You can also get single-use disposable mascara wands like the make-up girls in the department stores use.

    Best of luck with this. I know the hell that it is.

  2. My eyes do that if I wear certain eye shadows that have a pink base (i.e. wine colors). I’m allergic to something in only that color.

    I agree w/ LissaKay…try the baby shampoo cleanser and ditch the old makeup for new as well as foregoing eye makeup for a while.

    Then call the dr and cuss at him for prescribing a cream that’s not supposed to go on your eyes.

    Hope it’s better soon!

  3. Hey, you can also go to your pharmacist and question his knowledge of the script!!! Good luck. You make me want to itch my eyes.
    PS–Have a great time in DC!!!!!!!

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