Advent Calendar

In theory, advent calendars are an easy way for small children children to conceptualize the amount of time left until Christmas day. In reality, they are daily anxiety attacks for moms. Aside from the constant reminder that time is running out to sell a kidney and find the perfect gift for everyone, multiple children require multiple calendars. There are wonderfully cute advent calendars from toy makers and candy shops, but one prize per day doesn’t divide well among five children. Have you ever had to assemble a Playmobile Advent calendar? Do not attempt Playmobile assembly late at night when you are tired, because you will need all your coordination and concentration. After all that work, a younger sibling will inevitably raid the calendar and open every single box long before Christmas eve. Every year, I whined about needing to create an Advent calendar that worked better for our family. This year, I put together a no-effort, big family, multiple age children Advent calendar. Our calendar is twenty-four mittens on a lighted garland with five small treats in each mitten. The children take turns picking out which mitten to remove and everyone (so far) is happy. When all of the children are happy, mommy is extremely happy.
advent calendar

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. I LOVE your Advent Calendar idea!

    Ours is a little different. Instead of treats to be received, ours involves ornaments.

    We have a small box with 24 numbered drawers and also a small wooden tree with 24 hooks on it.

    Each day, the kids take turns opening up one of the drawers (there are tiny ornaments inside) and hanging them on the little tree.

    When the tree’s full, it’s Christmas!

  2. That is a good idea, I’ll have to pass it on to my friend with 5 kids ages 15 to 3 months.

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