I won’t love, but can I like?

Teenage romances are practices for adult relationships. They are almost always temporary. Knowing this, how are we supposed to feel about our children’s dates? I know we can’t have the special person join along on all the family outings. Are we allowed to like the boyfriend/girlfriend of the moment? Is it truly terrible if I think the person my child is dating is amazing? Would revealing my approval of the significant other doom the relationship?

One thought on “I won’t love, but can I like?

  1. Short answer, yes, to all. Of course I’m the oddball that thinks there’s nothing wrong with “teenage love” as long as it doesn’t involve sex. Bwa ha ha….

    My best friend and I have girls who are a day apart. her theory is boys are just a distraction and useless until you’re out of college (which may very well be true) and my theory is that as long as he’s got brains and a personality, what’s the big deal? It’s not like she likes some loser. Kasia knows that I “require” a smart kid, who is polite, and has ambitions. So far, at 12, she’s “in like” with someone, not “in love.” See me in two years and see if my opinion has changed. LOL!

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